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The Gleba Mask

The reusable and sustainable social textile mask and bag GLEBA – PROTECT 2020 is aimed at European consumers who are concerned with ecology, ensures several washes at a temperature above 60º and allows ironing at 110º (sterilization) without losing permeability would come.

In this context, a working group was created, involving companies, industrial companies, a REMIT university research center from UPT, FEUP, technological centers, CITEVE and CESAE, an industrial design and health professionals, which allowed to gather ideas for the development of sustainable products, within the “circular economy” that contribute to reducing the contagion of COVID-19.

The objective of this working group was to solve the following problem: “at the moment, there is a proliferation in the market of disposable or reusable products manufactured with non-recyclable raw materials that hinder people’s work and leisure and that will result in a very negative impact on sustainability ”.

As a result of this project, a national brand product called GLEBA Protect is born, making it a product of the circular economy, taking into account the materials used, with recyclable characteristics and a low cost per use.

Technical characteristics
– 100% cotton interlock
– Nasal clip in 100% aluminum
– Elastic rubber coated cotton
– Certification of fabric and mask by CITEVE
– Ergonomic design (adjustable to each user’s physiognomy)
– Responsibility for the management and recycling of Ponto Verde packaging
– Sustainability Certificates for the process and raw materials
– 100% Biodegradable

Benefits of the Mask
– The fabric and mask are certified by CITEVE
– The mask model is available in three sizes (S, M and L) adapting to the physiognomy of each user
– Available in three colors (Black, Navy Blue and White). Other colors, by minimum order quantity

Pack of 5 units (why?)
– Ideally, each user should have 5 masks in their possession to be able to make an adequate management of exchange and daily washing.
– The use of each mask must be for a maximum period of 4 hours a day, and must be replaced with a new one at the end of that period or if it is wet
– The removed mask must be washed at a temperature of 60º C and ironed at a temperature of 110º C (sterilized) before being reused

Comfort in using the GLEBA Protect 2020 mask
– Lightness and ease of breathing (whether sitting, walking or doing sports, …)
– A single layer of fabric with a particle retention capacity above 70%
– Hypoallergenic (does not irritate the skin on the face)
– Nasal clip adjustable to the user’s physiognomy and does not hurt the nose
– Simple and functional design allows correct use of the mask during 4h on the face (cover the nose and chin)
– Elastic does not hurt the ears in use
– The raw materials used minimize the fogging of the user’s glasses

It is an ECO – RESPONSIBLE Mask (100% Biodegradable)